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Efrain Valles efrain at
Wed Feb 6 00:58:53 GMT 2008

Hey that's fantastic. I would like to work with desktop bugs too I just
need a little more practice. I am currently working on my update and I
am not sure If I will make the upcoming freeze. but I am just doing it
to go the distance. 

Thanks for hoping in, I feel more empowered to go on. Your experience
should really help us beginners get going as well. It's a two way

Hope to see you here and on #ubuntu-motu

El mié, 06-02-2008 a las 02:36 +0200, Murat Gunes escribió:
> Hello all,
> I've been following the MOTU mailing lists and IRC channel, as well as
> reading the documentation on the wiki on and off for quite a while, and
> in an attempt to prod myself to getting to work properly, would now like
> to formally state my intention to become a MOTU. 
> I've been working on bugs as part of the Bug Squad for some months, and
> have just joined the Bug Control team.  My main areas of interest within
> the scope of MOTU are audio production software, Python desktop tools
> and productivity apps. Technical skills that may be relevant are my
> basic Python and intermediate BASH skills, both of which I'm improving.
> More information on my involvement in Ubuntu can be found at my
> Launchpad page [1].
> I'm not sure I need a mentor, since I find the existing documentation
> pretty good and easy to learn from. I've started by posting two
> debdiffs, to bug #188440 [2] and bug #187552 [3], and also inspired by
> Efrain Valles, will start a journal as soon as I get up to speed. I'm in
> the process of finalizing my master's degree, so my progress may be slow
> for a while. Anyway, I'll be bugging you on the IRC channel whenever I
> have time and energy to work on things, and if anyone who's available
> for mentoring thinks I need one, we'll perhaps make a deal.
> Regards
> m.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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