Getting started too

Murat Gunes mgunes at
Wed Feb 6 00:36:35 GMT 2008

Hello all,

I've been following the MOTU mailing lists and IRC channel, as well as
reading the documentation on the wiki on and off for quite a while, and
in an attempt to prod myself to getting to work properly, would now like
to formally state my intention to become a MOTU. 

I've been working on bugs as part of the Bug Squad for some months, and
have just joined the Bug Control team.  My main areas of interest within
the scope of MOTU are audio production software, Python desktop tools
and productivity apps. Technical skills that may be relevant are my
basic Python and intermediate BASH skills, both of which I'm improving.
More information on my involvement in Ubuntu can be found at my
Launchpad page [1].

I'm not sure I need a mentor, since I find the existing documentation
pretty good and easy to learn from. I've started by posting two
debdiffs, to bug #188440 [2] and bug #187552 [3], and also inspired by
Efrain Valles, will start a journal as soon as I get up to speed. I'm in
the process of finalizing my master's degree, so my progress may be slow
for a while. Anyway, I'll be bugging you on the IRC channel whenever I
have time and energy to work on things, and if anyone who's available
for mentoring thinks I need one, we'll perhaps make a deal.




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