Guidelines/Schedule for Mentoring Process

emmet.hikory at emmet.hikory at
Wed Aug 6 00:41:20 BST 2008

Jad/Hakam madi wrote:
> How about having a real MOTU school based on the same wiki (but
> different presentation) or even Moodle; we could split MOTU tasks into
> levels and topics that new contributors and MOTUs needs to learn
> about, this should make the learning process way more interesting and
> somewhat randomly organized.

    While efforts to improve MOTU School are laudable, I do not
believe that there should be any expectation that those attending MOTU
School are participating in the mentoring program.  For those that are
familiar with common practices in free software coordination with
wiki, IRC, and mailing lists, it may not be necessary to receive agude
intoduction to the community (and there are surely other case where
this is similarly uninteresting).  Further, it is not uncomon for
someone preseting on a topic to be more familiar than others, perhaps
including existing members of the community.  I know I learn something
from each session I attend, but I am not convinced that I would
benefit from an assigned MOTU Mentor.

> The current wiki is awesome in term of Howtos but it's not the best
> presentation and having a single place where all students reads and
> ask should help in developing our documentations.
    The wiki needs your help :)  In general, asking about something
only weakly documented on the wiki in #ubuntu-motu ought solicit a
response, and is more likely to collect several if the querant
mentions that they intend to update the wiki with the knowlede gained.


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