Guidelines/Schedule for Mentoring Process

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Actually we have that list [0], but it's just suggested.


On Tue, 2008-08-05 at 13:21 -0500, Andres E. Rodriguez Lazo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think I haven't made myself understand. Yes it is better to have an
> expected timeframe than an specific schedule (that's what i really
> ment).
> On the other hand, I do feel that having a specific task lists is
> required. In every learning process (could be a career, a course, a
> certification program, Master, PhD, etc.) there is a list of things
> that should be covered (for example, in a certification program you
> follow a book, and on each chapter you have excercises), and students
> may find them interesting or not, since everyone has different tastes
> for things and every student might like some things but dislike
> others.
> So, since this is a mentoring program which tries to get people
> involved with Ubuntu Development, I think that there should be a list
> of things that must be covered through the process with specific tasks
> (excercises), so that every mentee has a basic overview of the
> *Complete* Ubuntu development process (And not just the things they
> would like to learn). After the mentoring program has ended, each
> mentee can decided where they would like to contribute in.
> This way, we assure that every mentee has followed the same baseline,
> and should know the same things, so that they can persue a greater
> goal, and that is becoming a MOTU, but helping in their area of
> interest.
> Cheers,
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