[Ubuntu-ma] Fwd: maroc numéric 2013 et l 'opensource

Nordin bouchtaoui at gmail.com
Jeu 17 Juin 08:53:21 BST 2010

On 16-6-2010 23:57, WaVeR wrote:
> Concernant la question MSN, pour parler avec sa famille skype fonctionne
> bien aussi. Alors je ne vois pas ou on peut être bloqué pour promouvoir
> le libre au Maroc.

Oui oui, il y'a Skype.
The problem still is that the majority use MSN as chat platform. Why? I 
think it's because a lot of people in the world use hotmail as email 
acount. With that same acount you can easily login on MSN without to 
register again. Registering is one of the thing people don't like, 
including myself. So as we moroccans in Europe keep in touch with the 
family in Morocco, we simply use MSN, cause that's what we have. Google 
chat isn't so popular here in Europe and maybe it's the same in Morocco, 
from what I've seen in Cybercafes. Skype is more popular as internet 
phone, but due to poor connection, it didn't work well. With MSN, 
somehow people could find other people, like girls and try to contact 
them, that's the reality. So MSN made itself attractive to the simple 
users, and that's a strong Mircosoft strategy.

If Skype is getting bigger (and it will be for sure, when all smartphone 
will support Skype) more people will use Skype. Since Skype work well on 
Linux, than the chances are much better people will switch to Linux 
encouraged by the fact that Linux is free, stable and 7alal :p

> Bonne soirée.
> ---
> Hassan

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