[Ubuntu-ma] Fwd: maroc numéric 2013 et l 'opensource

Nordin bouchtaoui at gmail.com
Jeu 17 Juin 09:18:28 BST 2010

On 17-6-2010 1:02, Shadow Xerox wrote:
> One other way to Promote Linux is to start with Schools, Cybercafés&
> in an arborical way (you Know: from one to his friends to his friends'
> friends ...)

I agree with you about that.

>   Then we should be aware of the good and the bad ways to
> promote it.
> 1.
>        1
>          Many Windows users start with OpenOffice.org and Firefox.
> Consider this approach particularly if that's how you started.

That's a good start to use free software, including Skype.
So we have the most important apps: OpenOffice, Firefox and Skype. These 
apps can run perfecty well on Linux too.
I just hope that Youtube videos can be watched in VP8 codec, so no more 
problems with Flash.

>       2.
>        2
>        Choose a target user who can trust you and ask you for support
> and help if things go wrong. Don't give out Linux discs at random.

Well, Morocco has a lot of intelligent people, so that should not be a 
problem, but I assume a few people know Linux, so we might need to work 
on that.

>     3.
>        3
>        Before they try it, show them it working. Ideally this will be
> on your computer, otherwise a video or screenshots will do.

Yes, I agree with you. I think video is the best way, it should be 
impressive :)
I think it's also important to demonstrate it on schools.

>     4.
>        4
>        Find out their system specifications and ensure their machine
> will meet the minimum specifications of the distro that you give them.

This part is so important! Motherboards need to have all the Linux 
supported hardware. I think this should also be an import requirement.

>     5.
>        5
>        Consider your target user. If they love something that you know
> they won't be able to do on Linux such as certain Windows-only games,
> dial-up modem users, webcams, don't bother.

I think games are not an issue, maybe it's important that online games 
are well supported, but to my experience games are not that important.
I do have my doubts about connecting with your internetprovider using 
your dial-up modem or that wireless usb Wana is using. Are these 
supported by Linux. If not, Linux can't have internet access, that's a 
major issue I think.

>     6.
>        6
>        Know enough about Linux to know what you're talking about. The
> first question will probably be what is Linux?

Is an OS like Windows, but it's FREE!!! Better! Saver! For computer 
geeks, it's opensource, so you can learn from it!

>     7.
>        7
>        Anticipate users expecting reasons to switch to Linux. The
> biggest strength of Linux for the average user is its resistance to
> malware.

Yes it is, but if Linux is getting more popular, evil hackers get their 
attention to try to hack Linux. For now, that's a good argument :)

>     8.
>        8
>        Know the answers to common myths and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

If there are enough people to help each others, it should be ok.

>     9.
>        9
>        Don't give them old unsupported obscure software. Where possible
> give them new popular software.

Let them start first with the basic stable software, like: OpenOffice, 
Firefox, Skype.

>    10.
>        10
>        First impressions count. Print a DVD cover for your distro
> before you distribute it.

I think Ubuntu is the best distro to start with, if people get more 
comfortable with, they can always switch distros.

>    11.
>        11
>        Consider helping the Public Software Foundation to get Linux and
> Free Software into your local (school) library.

That is very important, it's free and very educational. Windows is 
expensive man, I mean look at Windows 7, it's about 250 euro for one 
license! Even I can't afford it.

>    12.
>        12
>        Organise a Software Freedom Day on 20th September.

Why not, just organise it!
The Moroccoan media should help also, like 2M.

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