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Em Qua, 2010-03-17 às 18:32 -0300, Laudeci Oliveira escreveu:

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> From: Chris Johnston <chrisjohnston em ubuntu.com>
> Date: 2010/3/17
> Subject: Announcing the Ubuntu.com Website Localization Project
> To: ubuntu-translators em lists.ubuntu.com,
> loco-contacts em lists.ubuntu.com
> Good Day;
> It is my pleasure to announce a new project to better the Ubuntu.com
> website experience, specifically for users who prefer a language other
> than English. The new project, called Website Localization [1] will
> put a short (4-5 word) message on any www.Ubuntu.com web page
> directing users to more resources in their preferred language.
> This project has two main parts to it. The first part of the Website
> Localization project is the technical aspect of the project. It is the
> goal of the project to create a script that will pull out of a users
> web browser their preferred language. After obtaining this
> information, the script will cross reference this language against a
> list of languages that have approved resources offered, and then
> display a short link to their languages landing page.
> The second part of this project is creating landing pages for as many
> resources as possible. This part of the project will be done by LoCos
> and the i18n team. The landing pages will be on the wiki, and will be
> ever changing to direct users to the best information that we can give
> them.
> Currently, the goal is to have the project completed and implemented
> by the end of May. I would also like to have a working demo of the
> project by April 19th so that we have plenty of time to fix any
> problems that arise prior to the final implementation of this project.
> I can't do all of this myself, so I am going to need help from the
> Ubuntu community. At this point, I need some assistance with the
> technical side of the project. I need a few people to create the
> script that will detect the users preferred language, and then show
> them a link to the landing page in their language. If you have the
> skills needed to help out with this Website Localization project,
> please send me an email with your name, launchpad account, a little
> bit of information about the experience you have and your general
> ability (time zone, and anything else that may help me out). My goal
> is to get a group of a few people to work on the technical aspect of
> this project and have a meeting in the next few weeks to discuss the
> project in a little more detail, and determine the best way to make
> this happen.
> [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/WebsiteLocalization
> Respectfully,
> Chris Johnston - cjohnston
> Ubuntu Member
> chrisjohnston em ubuntu.com
> www.chrisjohnston.org
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