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Mon Sep 10 08:59:52 BST 2007

Hi all,
It seems that the event has drawn closer and also I'm afraid that we do not have sufficient time to meet and discuss. For that matter, we will have to cover whatever is remaining through  this mailing list;
1. For the t-shirts, I think we will just have to deal with the people I had earlier on dealt with. For those of you who will need one, you will have to meet me by Thursday (it takes a day to print them).
2.We will need to distribute CDs, so if you have any idle CDs please remember to bring them along. If you can burn them,please do.
3.We will also need as many laptops as possible, so if you can find one or borrow,please do. I can promise only 2 as per the moment.
4.We will also need to take a group/team photograph to be submitted to Ubuntu as evidence of participation, so please avail yourself. You can come along with your camcorder or camera :)

Ken Kasina will be our speaker at the event, he's working on his presentation right now so if you feel that there is something he will need to talk about please just use this mailing list .
Looking forward to an interactive SFD, please let us contribute to make it as interesting as possible.

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