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Hi Guys,

Sorry to have missed the meeting - I was out of the country (very
interesting trip to India!) and just got back on the weekend.


On 04/09/07, Miano Njoka <mianonjoka at> wrote:
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> Hi everyone,
> The first face to face meeting of Ubuntu Kenya loco team members was
> held on Saturday, 2nd September at a coffee shop in Nairobi. In
> attendance were Ronald, Kasina, David, Eric, and Miano. (Ronald, is
> that right?) Several people sent their apologies.
> The main agenda of the meeting was preparations for the upcoming
> Software Freedom Day exhibition to be held on 14th and 15th September
> 2007. It was a very informal and interesting meeting with everyone
> talking about their experiences with Linux and Ubuntu and just getting
> to know one another.
> The following were discussed as regards the SFD:
> 1. Ronald came with a sample tshirt with a small Ubuntu logo at the
> front that he had had printed. The unanimous decision was that a
> bigger logo across the front of the tshirt would be better.
> 2. Those who had said that they would be available to man the Ubuntu
> Kenya booth confirmed their attendance.
> 3. Those that will be able to bring their PCs to the exhibition would
> bring them.
> 4. Further discussions would be held on this list and on the Ubuntu
> Kenya IRC channel.
> The problem of getting packages from multiverse and universe repos for
> those without internet connections was also discussed. Kasina offered
> to download some packages, CDs and DVDs will be available at our
> booth.
> Hopefully I've put down everything that was discussed (I have the
> memory of an octogenerian). All errors or ommisions are my own. :-)
> Miano.
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