Summary of Saturday's meeting

Miano Njoka mianonjoka at
Tue Sep 4 16:42:03 BST 2007

Hi everyone,

The first face to face meeting of Ubuntu Kenya loco team members was
held on Saturday, 2nd September at a coffee shop in Nairobi. In
attendance were Ronald, Kasina, David, Eric, and Miano. (Ronald, is
that right?) Several people sent their apologies.

The main agenda of the meeting was preparations for the upcoming
Software Freedom Day exhibition to be held on 14th and 15th September
2007. It was a very informal and interesting meeting with everyone
talking about their experiences with Linux and Ubuntu and just getting
to know one another.

The following were discussed as regards the SFD:
1. Ronald came with a sample tshirt with a small Ubuntu logo at the
front that he had had printed. The unanimous decision was that a
bigger logo across the front of the tshirt would be better.
2. Those who had said that they would be available to man the Ubuntu
Kenya booth confirmed their attendance.
3. Those that will be able to bring their PCs to the exhibition would
bring them.
4. Further discussions would be held on this list and on the Ubuntu
Kenya IRC channel.

The problem of getting packages from multiverse and universe repos for
those without internet connections was also discussed. Kasina offered
to download some packages, CDs and DVDs will be available at our

Hopefully I've put down everything that was discussed (I have the
memory of an octogenerian). All errors or ommisions are my own. :-)


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