Ubuntu-ke Digest, Vol 12, Issue 5

Eric Kivuti erickivuti at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 11:38:16 BST 2007

Well the problem is not getting Linux users.. It's only getting Ubuntu

Under yahoo groups, there's an active Kenyan Linux group.. most of the stuff
they post is technical, so I'm not particularly active there..

It would be cool if a CD set version of Ubuntu with all the existing
packages was available.. I also use Mandriva cuz of this availability.
Through it, I learnt to create and use a samba connection (I'm lovin it!)..
Apparently, Ubuntu can't shutdown a PC.. I can complain all I want, I know u
may not take any heed..

I could post on every Kenyan site, that we intend to create a physical Linux
community and hopefully a centre, some place, like a PC World Warehouse..
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