18/02/2007 irc meeting

Ken Kasina kenkasina at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 14:32:15 GMT 2007

(15:28:11) *kasina:* hi guys
(15:28:13) *kasina:* Sorry.
(15:28:22) *otis:* welcome.
(15:28:31) *davehat:* hey
(15:28:33) *kasina:* I'm on a windows netword and had to download then
install Gaim
(15:28:39) *kasina:* Hey dave
(15:28:44) *kasina:* hi Otis
(15:28:53) *otis:* hi ken.
(15:28:58) *kasina:* So what is today's topic
(15:29:17) *davehat has changed the topic to: help*
(15:29:25) *davehat:* :)
(15:29:41) *davehat:* as in... where is everyone!
(15:29:47) *davehat:* OK, on a more serious note
(15:30:13) *davehat has changed the topic to: how do we get more people
interested in Ubuntu and a Kenya LoCo*
(15:30:27) *otis:* publicity.
(15:30:47) *davehat:* well, yes, but...
(15:31:03) *kasina:* hmm
(15:31:13) *kasina:* Either way people still have questions
(15:31:27) *davehat:* I'd say we need to be a bit more organised too
(15:31:33) *kasina:* What is Ubuntu? will it help my biz? Can I install it
at home
(15:31:57) *kasina:* This are some of the questions I got at the ICT thingy
(15:32:09) *kasina:* Yes davehat! we need to get more organized.
(15:32:10) *davehat:* OK, so we know there are people interested...
(15:32:17) *otis:* i think the silver bullet will be, what is ubuntu.
(15:32:20) *kasina:* Yes people are interested
(15:32:56) *davehat:* silver bullet for what otis?
(15:33:31) *otis:* i mean what will hit guys to know what ubuntu is:)
(15:35:01) *otis:* ok,can we get to the serious issue?
(15:35:15) *kasina:* Most people are already abit aware of what Ubuntu is
but they ask questions like 'what its useful for' and whether it can 'help
them reap profits from a business angle'
(15:36:00) *davehat:* kasine - yes, I'd agree there must be people like that
(15:36:33) *kasina:* I was previously in the Kenya linux LUG and it somehow
became inactive and meeting died out. I still hear that the mailing list is
active but I'm not sure. If we are to survive, we have to build solidarity.
(15:36:39) *davehat:* so, what do we do to help these folks - the ones who
are aware of Ubuntu but want practical answers from a Kenyan point of view
(15:37:01) *davehat:* Kasina - again, good point, how do we do this do you
(15:37:39) *davehat:* Wat happened to Kenya Linux - how did it fail?
(15:37:50) *davehat:* lack of interest or lack of focus?
(15:37:54) *davehat:* or both?
(15:37:55) *kasina:* Davehat: we have already made a start by coming
together -...
(15:38:00) *otis:* i think we can write an article to appear on a daily.
(15:38:48) *davehat:* Otis - great. How's that coming along?
(15:38:54) *kasina:* I think it lack of focus - the LUG meeting used to be
every Thursday at a venue sponsored by some US guy, but when he withdrew
sponsorship, all LUGs ended
(15:40:00) *davehat:* so, the lack of funding killed the group? Well, this
group will never really be funded (or at least not at first) so there's no
danger of that happening!
(15:40:12) *otis:* ok,my uncle is the bureau chief of eastandard rift v, i'm
sure i can get him on this.
(15:40:32) *davehat:* Have you ever mailed the old Linux Kenya list?
(15:40:40) *davehat:* Otis - why not write one yourself?
(15:41:01) *davehat:* you are interested in ubuntu and are training in
Journalism - there can be no better person for the job!
(15:41:37) *davehat:* I can help you edit if you like - I used to write
marketing stuff all the time
(15:41:43) *kasina:* Davehat: Yes I used to email it but its more than 2
years since I left
(15:41:49) *otis:* thanks,i was thinking we all contribute to the contents
and then we post it.
(15:42:32) *davehat:* Ok, Kasina, if you are still a member, can you mail
the list and let them know? The list may well be live still.... yes?
(15:43:23) *kasina:* Otis: we need a solid contributor, if we opt to write
an article, a topic has to be drawn, a theme and content also target
audience researched
(15:43:23) *davehat:* Otis, someone needs to start it.
(15:43:43) *kasina:* davehat: I shall try and check for the list
(15:43:47) *davehat:* Ok, what topic?
(15:44:06) *davehat:* kasina, thanks
(15:44:42) *otis:* i think we start on the basics.
(15:44:54) *davehat:* any ideas for an artical topic?
(15:45:17) *davehat:* Otis, what do you mean?
(15:45:22) *otis:* yeah,how 2007 is the year of linux.
(15:45:49) *kasina:* I think we'd rather start of at introducing Opensource,
then now Ubuntu as an Opensource alternative to proprietary OSes
(15:46:22) *otis:* i agree.
(15:46:33) *kasina:* Also doing a comparison of proprietary and opensource
software + what benefits businesses would derive
(15:47:20) *davehat:* kasina, perhaps that's how I'd go about it too - here
is what open source is, this is probably what you guys think it is (and how
it used to be - IE for geeks), actually nowadays its a lot easier - Ubuntu
is a fully functioning.... blah blah blah
(15:48:19) *kasina:* Then later on once I'm done with writing some software
for some clients, I can request permission from them to write their story of
how they find the adoption of ubuntu/opensource
(15:49:47) *davehat:* By the way, I am a totally ruthless editor of copy, so
I'm totally fine with having to look at something of 1000+ word length and
cutting it down to what ever size fits. I warn you now that some people
don't always like that sort of thing :)
(15:50:18) *kasina:* :)
(15:50:19) *davehat:* OK, so with regards to publicity, we're going to try
and get an article in the Kenyan press?
(15:50:24) *zsh [n=zsh at] entered the room.*
(15:50:30) *davehat:* hey ZSH
(15:50:37) *davehat:* oops, make that zsh
(15:50:37) *kasina:* hi zsh
(15:51:05) *zsh:* Hello, sorry i'm late
(15:51:45) *davehat:* zsh, not to worry - you're here now
(15:52:11) *davehat:* we were just talking about publicity for Ubuntu in
Kenya - we're going to try and get an article published in a newspaper
(15:52:48) *kasina:* I shall try and check on the Nation guys and c if we
can get some sponsored space
(15:53:00) *davehat:* BTW, I have a friend of a friend who's a Nation
(15:53:26) *davehat:* I'll see what I can do - their tech reporting is
reliably useless most of the time, maybe they'd be happy with a submission!
(15:53:54) *davehat:* Is anyone here apart from me a blogger?
(15:55:27) *davehat:* I think we should try and hit the kenya blog ring for
some publicity.
(15:56:41) *kasina:* Sure
(15:57:00) *kasina:* I also blog but on Gtk and Gnome
(15:57:07) *kasina:* rarely though
(15:58:05) *zsh:* Not a bad idea, quite a few ppl read blogs these days
(15:58:37) *davehat:* OK, I will look into setting up the Kenya opensource
website I mentioned when we met. I can get and host a domain, but web design
is not my thing. I reckon we just put up a wordpress install and get a
friendly contributer to skin it... what do you think?
(15:58:53) *zsh:* On soccer usually. :-)
(16:00:19) *zsh:* davehat, ur blog is pretty cool
(16:00:59) *davehat:* thanks, I have been slacking on it for three months
now though...
(16:01:08) *davehat:* people actually used to read it before I let it die
(16:01:22) *davehat:* I'm going to get back on it soon, but we've been very
(16:01:53) *davehat:* I guess I should mention now that I'll be leaving the
country at the end of next month...
(16:02:15) *davehat:* not that this will stop my indirect involvement here,
if nobody minds...
(16:02:38) *kubaff [n=client at] entered the room.*
(16:02:56) *kasina:* davehat: make sure you make a stop over in Nairobi
(16:03:06) *davehat:* hi kubaff - I think that makes it a record for
attendance in #ubuntu-ke!
(16:03:11) *kasina:* hi kubaff :)
(16:03:17) *kubaff:* hey
(16:03:18) *kasina:* nice nick
(16:03:25) *kubaff:* lol
(16:03:25) *davehat:* kasina, will do - my flight will be ex NBO
(16:04:16) *davehat:* did everyone catch the topic? also, otis - you still
here, you've gone a bit quiet...
(16:04:18) *kasina:* Kubaff: welcome to the Ubuntu kenya team - we are
discussion on ways of publicizn Ubuntu
(16:04:40) *kubaff:* ok, thats deadly
(16:05:48) *kasina:* Otis: says that they have a power blackout at wherever
he is located
(16:05:50) *kasina:* :(
(16:05:58) *zsh:* Excuse me guys, i'll b back in a bit
(16:06:07) *kasina:* sure zsh
(16:06:10) *zsh left the room (quit: "used jmIrc").*
(16:06:22) *kubaff:* im really interested on info concerning the ubuntu
(16:06:42) *otis left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed
(16:07:58) *kasina:* kubaff: u can use Ubuntu and install studio apps
(16:08:08) *kubaff:* ok
(16:08:15) *kasina:* kubaff: please elaborate what you mean
(16:08:16) *davehat:* to recap, so far we're thinking about getting a piece
in the Kenyan press and getting some pieces on blogs in the Kenya blog ring.
I'll take the blogging bit then, seeing as I may be the only person in that
webring. I think otis is taking a lead on an article. Ken is looking at
getting together some case studies of implementation.
(16:08:17) *davehat:* any other ideas from the new arrivals here?
(16:09:12) *davehat:* er... did everyone go, or have I got connection issues
(16:09:36) *kubaff:* the blogging way is good
(16:10:11) *kasina:* davehat: guys left
(16:10:17) *davehat:* kubaff - do you blog?
(16:11:07) *davehat:* hmm, what happened to otis - is he coming back?
(16:11:15) *kubaff:* not frequently but i want to get into the habit
(16:11:15) *kasina:* zsh said he'd be back. Otis said there's a power
blackout at his location
(16:12:12) *davehat:* OK, well just to add to the mix, I'm getting
connection dropouts on my GPRS connection, so sorry if I'm a little slow off
the mark!
(16:13:04) *davehat:* kubaff - cool, are you using ubuntu yet, or just
getting interested?
(16:13:45) *kubaff:* i was using it sometime last year but i had to switch
back to win due to apps
(16:14:09) *kasina:* kubaff: I shall get you the apps
(16:14:52) *kubaff:* cool, but many are musc prod apps, thats why i wanted
the ubuntu studio dvd
(16:15:37) *davehat:* I have to go out for about 30 minutes - will epople be
here when I get back?
(16:15:48) *kubaff:* whats the current ubuntu version?
(16:15:58) *kasina:* 6.10
(16:16:01) *davehat:* I really want to get on to how ubuntu-ke can get a bit
more organised as a team!
(16:16:09) *davehat:* 7.04 launches in 2 months
(16:16:14) *kasina:* 7.04 is scheduled for release in April
(16:16:22) *kubaff:* ok
(16:16:23) *davehat:* alpha out now
(16:16:29) *davehat:* (don't use it yet!)
(16:16:34) *davehat:* :)
(16:16:57) *davehat:* OK, I'm nipping out - see you when I get back?
(16:17:01) *otis [n=kid at] entered the room.*
(16:17:05) *kubaff:* about the ubuntu-ke, are there meetings anywhere in
(16:17:31) *kasina:* Davehat: sorry for the derailment. Anyway I really
appreciate how you are trying to get us to work together as a team.
(16:17:43) *kasina:* welcome back otis
(16:17:50) *otis:* sorry,there was a blackout,who is kubaff.
(16:18:01) *davehat:* why not ask him :) ?
(16:18:07) *kasina:* kubaff: this are the meetings we normally have
(16:18:12) *kasina:* online :)
(16:18:26) *kubaff:* kasina: only?
(16:18:40) *davehat:* OK, back in 30 mins...
(16:18:48) *davehat is now known as davehat_away*
(16:18:48) *otis:* good,anything of major i missed?
(16:19:55) *otis:* ok,where were we?
(16:20:02) *kasina:* kubaff: mainly this is how we meet
(16:20:18) *kubaff:* kasina: thats ok
(16:20:32) *kasina:* We meet a while back in Town as a group - though only
3of us were in attendance.
(16:20:47) *kubaff:* otis: im new to the ubuntu community and im getting a
feel of it
(16:20:49) *kasina:* "met" not "meet"
(16:21:26) *kasina:* otis: you didnt miss much. mainly getting to introduce
kubaff to the team
(16:21:30) *otis:* welcome,i hope ya name doesnt have anything with ya
(16:22:28) *kubaff:* otis: by the end of the meetings i will be quite the
opposite, due to the info i will have gathered
(16:22:54) *otis:* ok guys,where were we?
(16:24:53) *kasina:* Otis: we were discussing about the newpaper aticle
(16:24:58) *otis:* so,kubaff,can u tell us (me) more about ya self?
(16:26:06) *kubaff:* i got introduced to ubuntu very recently and was
interested mainly due to the open source apps
(16:26:34) *otis:* you work?
(16:26:42) *kubaff:* nah, student
(16:27:06) *kubaff:* but if work means making money, then yes
(16:27:15) *otis:* me too,where exactly?
(16:27:49) *kubaff:* freelance music producer and graphics designer
(16:28:01) *kubaff:* you?
(16:28:23) *otis:* great,journalism studnt at UON.
(16:28:55) *otis:* ok,back to the main article,the newspaper.
(16:29:32) *kubaff:* i wasnt there when you were discussing the newspaper
(16:29:53) *otis:* ken,what i can assure of is that i will give the
confirmation this week.
(16:32:06) *otis:* kubaff,the newspaper article is about publicising ubuntu.
(16:32:56) *kubaff:* otis: alright, then you are the main guy since you are
in journalism, who will write it?
(16:33:34) *otis:* ok,i will,with a bit of contributions from you guys.
(16:33:51) *kasina:* ok otis
(16:34:37) *kasina:* Otis: we have not decided on the theme and topic plsu
what need to be contributed so that we can know how is to handle what
(16:34:47) *kasina:* We need to get a layout
(16:35:34) *otis:* ok,what i remember is dave talking of what is open
source,then we shift to linux then ubuntu.
(16:35:45) *kubaff:* is it target to the general public or jus techies
(16:35:57) *kubaff:* target-targeted
(16:36:51) *otis:* i believe general,also we need to talk about the politics
behind the issue.
(16:37:20) *kasina:* Its meant to be general public
(16:38:27) *kasina:* We begin with introducing Opensource, then proceed to
What Ubuntu is all and what packages are there for the business user
(16:38:35) *kubaff:* then it should be more informative
(16:38:47) *otis:* i was thinking along the same line.
(16:40:20) *kubaff:* advantages over windows apps would also be a good way
to go. Ama/
(16:41:22) *kasina:* sure kubaff
(16:41:28) *otis:* yeah,i think what will draw attention particularly is the
cost issue.
(16:42:13) *kubaff:* most kenyans are using pirated sw(me included) and
sometimes the apps malfunction coz they are poorly cracked, so i think
giving kenyans an alternative would be deadly
(16:43:13) *otis:* true,we should let them know that there is another form
of piracy that is legal.
(16:44:08) *kubaff:* cost too is a major issue putting in mind the economic
perspective of kenya. Kenyans are ready to buy, as long as its affordable.
(16:44:22) *kasina:* :)
(16:44:52) *otis:* we can also inform them of the openness of the code.
(16:45:13) *kubaff:* otis: definately
(16:45:52) *otis:* i mean,if coke is giving out it's secrete recipe,then we
should sreate the hype in software.
(16:46:23) *kasina:* sure thing otis
(16:46:56) *kasina:* I'm just listen coz my head is empty at the moment -
been coding all through the night
(16:47:45) *otis:* well for me,i'm taking my lpi online next week,you know
i'm dying for a linux carreeer.
(16:51:37) *kubaff:* A good layout would be to explain to kenyans in
different fields, how ubuntu would benefit them, eg mention to office users
about openoffice, designer about gimp and blender, etc you catch my drift.
But it has to be put in the simplest way possible because laymen have a
phobia for anything linux related.
(16:54:29) *kasina:* kubaff: you have hit the spot :)
(16:54:40) *kasina:* I couldnt have said it better
(16:55:53) *otis:* well,seemlngly we have more ideas,i think we need to be
linking up from time to time about this.
(16:58:47) *kasina:* we should be meeting in town at a specified day once we
establish a dedicated venue
(16:59:23) *kubaff:* cool
(16:59:46) *otis:* i think dave was right when he said we are not achieving
much because we are not working as a team.
(17:02:00) *kasina:* otis: right
(17:03:05) *otis:* i think what am gonna do for the time being is to have
the team members more involved.
(17:03:39) *davehat_away left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(17:03:43) *kasina:* Otis: def
(17:04:06) *kasina:* guys Im about to log off so dont mind if you see me
(17:04:49) *kubaff:* that can be done well if there were more physical
meetings and minutes taken
(17:05:22) *otis:* it's ok ken,is dave gonna be back?
(17:05:49) *kasina:* otis: said he'd be back in some few minutes
(17:05:54) *kasina:* Just chill for him
(17:06:06) *otis:* fine.
(17:08:40) *davehat [n=David at] entered the room.*
(17:08:51) *davehat:* hi, I'm back
(17:09:44) *otis:* great,i was just briefing how i can get members to be
more involved
(17:10:56) *davehat:* could you copy and paste everything and PM it to me?
(17:11:01) *davehat:* I'd like to read...
(17:11:16) *davehat:* I have the conversation up to : (16:51:32) kubaff: A
good layout would be to explain to kenyans in different fields, how ubuntu
would benefit them, eg mention to office users about openoffice, designer
about gimp and blender, etc you catch my drift. But it has to be put in the
simplest way possible because laymen have a phobia for anything linux
(17:11:17) *davehat:* (16:54:24) kasina: kubaff: you have hit the spot :)
(17:11:26) *davehat:* thanks.
(17:11:37) *davehat:* OK, so we're still on point 1 then :)
(17:11:48) *davehat:* what about getting more arganised as a LoCo team?
(17:12:05) *davehat:* hows it going with contacting the LoCo co-ordinator
(17:12:57) *kubaff:* may i ask wats LoCo?
(17:13:29) *davehat:* A local Community team for Ubuntu. The idea is that we
are setting one up for Kenya
(17:13:37) *kubaff:* ok
(17:14:22) *otis:* and it's not yet official,and we are working on it.
(17:14:46) *davehat:* have a look here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KenyanTeam/
(17:14:50) *kasina:* We can startup one ourselves. We just need to get a
venue and the rest shall be in place.
(17:15:02) *davehat:* well, that's the thing Otis - "we" aren't
(17:15:40) *kasina:* kenyalinux group:
(17:16:00) *otis:* thanks ken for that link:)
(17:16:11) *davehat:* in order to get us to be official, we have to be in
contact with all the other teams and the LoCo team manager
(17:16:55) *davehat:* Kasina, I think the idea is that we _are_ the LoCo
team :)
(17:17:25) *kasina:* yes dave I agree with you
(17:18:22) *kasina:* Otis: I believe you can even do that now. Simply get
the Loco teams coordinators contacts and email him/her
(17:18:42) *davehat:* otis, since you are the listed LoCo contact, the
"getting official" work has to be down to you - we can't actually do
anything at all
(17:18:52) *kasina:* I'm a contributor to Ubuntu but hardly known due the
the fact that I have no Loco team
(17:18:52) *otis:* i'm on it right now.
(17:19:50) *otis:* no wonder we could not officiate at the expo:)
(17:22:10) *davehat:* So, otis, I guess I'm saying that really, a lot of
this is actually down to you - _you_ started this LoCo, you're named as the
LoCo contact.
(17:22:19) *zsh [n=zsh at] entered the room.*
(17:23:10) *kubaff:* I have got to go. It was deadly being here, i will
definately join the next meeting.
(17:23:33) *davehat:* cool kubaff - see you next time - two weeks on Sunday
(17:23:42) *kubaff:* cheerz
(17:23:44) *otis:* ok,and i would love to pass the leadership once we make
it to tha official list.
(17:23:51) *zsh:* Nice seeing u here, kubaff
(17:23:52) *kubaff left the room.*
(17:24:28) *otis:* do ou know each other, zsh and kubaff.
(17:24:40) *zsh:* No
(17:25:21) *davehat:* kubaff just left...
(17:25:32) *davehat:* otis, have you read this?:
(17:25:41) *zsh:* Its just nice to meet new ppl here
(17:26:21) *otis:* yes, i was on that dave.
(17:27:04) *zsh:* Could sum1 please email me a log of this meeting.
Mianonjoka at gmail.com. Thanks
(17:28:07) *otis:* njoka,what tribe are you?just wondering.
(17:28:43) *zsh:* I'm kenyan. :-)
(17:28:52) *zsh:* Kikuyu
(17:28:56) *otis:* l know,me too:)
(17:28:57) *davehat:* so, not trying to push too hard, but what stage are
you at otis?
(17:29:46) *davehat:* Actually, could we email the log to the mailing list -
that way we all get it. I think Kasina is the only one who has bee here
throughout - can you do that ken?
(17:29:55) *zsh:* From muranga actually
(17:30:29) *kasina:* Sure
(17:30:42) *davehat:* thanks
(17:31:40) *zsh:* Btw, does anyone have an ubuntu dvd
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