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Jad madi jad at
Sat Apr 5 17:17:12 BST 2008

please paste the result of

sudo aptitude why-not mysql-server && sudo aptitude why mysql-server

however I guess the problem is that you downloaded mysql-server-5.0
without configuring it and/or something is not letting you configuring
try this
sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0

2008/4/4 Omar S. Hafez <omar.the.pythoner at>:
> Salam Alaikom Wr Wb.
>  I have a problem installing MySQL-Server on my machine.
>  I have a Hardy Heron Beta Version, now.
>  The problem is, that the system refuses to install it, it keeps showing
>  an error message about some dependency problems, and it keeps
>  interfering with each and every system update or even installation of a
>  new software I do.
>  Every time I update a system or install a new program, a blue window
>  pops outta nowhere and asks me to enter a new 'root' password for
>  MySQL-Server, and I do as it says, and yet the error message still comes
>  out.
>  And not even completely removing it solves the problem, the blue screen
>  still pops outta nowhere and freaks me off.. -_-
>  And, I really need PHP, MySQL-Server, and even Apache-Server to work
>  properly on my machine, so I can start learning them as soon as
>  possible.
>  However, I've included two images of how the errors look like.
>  Please help. :)
>  Thanks very much in advance.
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