Announcing Ubuntu’s move to Libera Chat

José Antonio Rey jose at
Wed May 26 05:32:20 UTC 2021

Hello all,

As many of you might have heard, the freenode IRC network changed
management a couple of days ago [1], in what I personally identify as a
hostile takeover. As part of that, the Ubuntu IRC Council, supported by the
Community Council, published a resolution [2] suggesting the move to Libera
Chat. The former IRC Council and their successors immediately started
working on moving our channels, users, and tooling over to Libera Chat.

As of around 3:00 UTC today, freenode’s new management believed that our
channel topics and messaging pointing users in the right direction were
outside of their policy, and rather than consulting with the IRC Council,
they performed yet another hostile takeover [3], this time of the Ubuntu
namespaces, including flavors, as well as other spaces from projects who
were also using freenode for communication.

In order to provide you with the best experience on IRC, Ubuntu is now
officially moving to Libera Chat [4]. You will be able to find the same
channels, the same people, and the same tools that you are used to. In the
event that you see something is not quite right, please, don’t hesitate to
reach out to our Ubuntu IRC Team, on #ubuntu-irc.

While this is a bump on the road, we hope that it will give our community
some fresh air to revitalize, and we will be able to rebuild what we had,
but 10x better. I sincerely appreciate the IRC Council’s efforts in making
this move a success.

Please join us at #ubuntu, on (TLS).

On behalf of the Ubuntu Community Council,
Jose Antonio Rey

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