Alan Bell alanbell at
Sun Feb 12 09:31:54 UTC 2012

On 12/02/12 09:23, Chris wrote:
> I thought the "normal" procedure is banning and referring to 
> #ubuntu-ops for resolving the ban.
> Most of the times the OP in question mentions why a certain person is 
> banned in the ops-team channel.
it is also documented in the bantracker automatically, we swapped bots 
around a day or two ago so that #lubuntu bans get tracked with the others
> That way any of the ops can help resolve the issue. And if needs be 
> one of the IRCC can remove the ban.
The IRCC would rarely do that, unless we normally act as an op in the 
channel concerned anyway. The IRCC do deal with escalation issues when a 
user feels they have been unfairly treated, we would then try and 
resolve the issue to everyone's satisfaction, we don't just go removing 
> If this thinking is wrong, then please correct me. Also I'm not 
> certain all the ops in #ubuntu-ops can remove a ban in #lubuntu, only 
> the IRCC afaik.
only #lubuntu ops can remove a ban in #lubuntu, though anyone on the ops 
team and IRCC can assist with mediating with users in the -ops channel 
the final decision to remove a ban would be made by any of the #lubuntu 
operators (or for whatever channel it was relating to)
> So if it was up to me, said person doesn't have to wait two weeks.
> With metta, Chris


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