New Bot Feature

Jussi Schultink jussi01 at
Thu Jan 27 09:06:21 UTC 2011

Hi All,

Yesterday tsimpson went ahead and addeda new feature to ubottu that allows
better editing control. It works as follows:

[11:03:17] <jussi> !+ubuntu+1
[11:03:18] <ubottu> <reply> $curDevelLong is the codename for Ubuntu
$curDevelNum - $curDevel is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and
support only in #ubuntu+1

As you see, adding a "+" sign after th "!" gives the raw output of the
factoid. This is useful for seeing if there are variables in the factoid, so
we don't accidentally mess them up. (as has happened a few times).

Any questions, please join #ubuntu-bots-devel or just reply to the list.

A big thanks to tsimpson for implementing this and happy factoid editing!

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