IRC Council Meeting Minutes: 23 January 2011

Nathan Handler nhandler at
Sun Jan 30 16:25:56 UTC 2011

  * 2011-01-23 (

   * Attendance: nhandler, topyli, tsimpson

   * There was some confusion about the meeting date. Since quorum was
achieved anyway, we decided to handle one of the agenda items and then
meet again at the true meeting date the following week if quorum is

   * Approval of IRC/ShellPolicy

    * Implement nhandler's suggestion to s/will/may/ to allow some
actual human judgement in determining whether to set a ban.

    * Final result is 3 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 3

    * [AGREED] Approve IRC/ShellPolicy

    * [ACTION] topyli to announce the approval, update wiki page to
remove draft header, and add any links/factoids he feels are necessary
to make the page easy to find

   * [ACTION] nhandler to update fridge calendar to reflect correct
dates for Sunday meeting through end of 2011

   * [ACTION] nhandler to do post-meeting actions

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