When will we have more ops in #ubuntu during the Australasian day?

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at optusnet.com.au
Mon Jun 30 14:20:46 UTC 2008

On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 06:45:13 -0600
Aaron Toponce <aaron.toponce at gmail.com> wrote:

> There are so many ops in ChanServ's access list, that adding more ops
> seems silly.  Maybe it's time to take a look at who's still active and
> who's not, and start weeding out the inactive ops, if no one is around
> to answer channel calls.

If this is done, I suggest that the ops concerned be consulted about
it first :)

For example, I have been unable to be active as an op recently, but I
hope to return... People's personal circumstances can mean that they
are absent for a time.

You don't want to alienate anyone - diplomacy is required.

Peter Garrett <peter.garrett at optusnet.com.au>
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