Freenode #ubuntu* Channels are Too Fragmented, Over-specialised and "on-topic"

Shlomi Fish shlomif at
Sun Jun 8 12:18:01 UTC 2008


On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 1:35 PM, Joseph Price <pricechild at> wrote:
> You do like handing out an essay or two with every point don't you...
> Anyway. It seems you have some history with ubuntu-women and linuxchix,
> this isn't the place to go over that again though.
> You came to #ubuntu-ops to complain about #ubuntu-women, I took a look,
> didn't see anything wrong, and informed you that #ubuntu-ops deals with
> issues that the ubuntu-irc team runs, ie not including #ubuntu-women. We
> told you what you can do next if you still have a complaint iirc.
> I don't think #ubuntu* channels are too fragmented or over-specialised.
> We have the main channels, for support and offtopic about each
> distribution, then we have meeting. Each LoCo gets one, and any team can
> make one for themselves if needed. I don't believe any of these could be
> merged, perhaps the offtopic channels could... but you're not
> complaining about those.
> If you would like to continue this, could you give examples of some
> channels?

The way I see it from the two first responses, Ubuntu has too much
red-tape for my small "hacktivity-and-no-bullshit"-oriented mind to
handle. Seems like I am ping-ponged from place to place on the
Email/bug-tracker like I was on IRC. Feel free to dismiss me as
another troll, but just note that I have a lot to show for - .

I'm unsubscribing, and wish Ubuntu the best of luck. However, I'm not
planning on getting near it anytime soon.


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