Freenode #ubuntu* Channels are Too Fragmented, Over-specialised and "on-topic"

Joseph Price pricechild at
Sun Jun 8 10:35:17 UTC 2008

You do like handing out an essay or two with every point don't you...

Anyway. It seems you have some history with ubuntu-women and linuxchix,
this isn't the place to go over that again though.

You came to #ubuntu-ops to complain about #ubuntu-women, I took a look,
didn't see anything wrong, and informed you that #ubuntu-ops deals with
issues that the ubuntu-irc team runs, ie not including #ubuntu-women. We
told you what you can do next if you still have a complaint iirc.

I don't think #ubuntu* channels are too fragmented or over-specialised.
We have the main channels, for support and offtopic about each
distribution, then we have meeting. Each LoCo gets one, and any team can
make one for themselves if needed. I don't believe any of these could be
merged, perhaps the offtopic channels could... but you're not
complaining about those.

If you would like to continue this, could you give examples of some


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