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Thu Feb 15 23:54:31 UTC 2007

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Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm sorry that I did not make it to the meeting today, but there's a
> serious case of "real life" here which costs me more time than I
> expected (don't we all hate real life...).
only until the bills come in ;-)
> More importantly, i did not even finish the documents yet that I was
> supposed to write, but I will do that today. Let's do the review on the
> mailinglist when that's done. I'd also like to collect opinions on the
> situation with Cody, so please reply if you want to voice your opinion.
It is my opinion that his opinion and direction was divisive.

(We are all entitled to our own. The question is, however, more complex,
and it is this, was the judgement that lead to that opinion reasonable?)

As I understood it, he demanded all people get a fair hearing after
someone who had been entrusted with the ability to censure had chosen to
do so.

While this may be a good point, anyone considering this information
needs to consider the following. Trust is a two way street, and if the
person who was given trust to act is treated as they are not trusted
then trust is broken. It is tiring to work on something where you see a
channel being made unusable on those who try to be helpful as they are
trolled, and the operator forced to act. The operator having acted in
good faith then having to defend their judgement on a case by case base
is a fantastic recipe for making the job of the aforementioned operator
impossible. The reality is a call is made on the basis of experience,
and those who do not make those calls on a regular basis will not be
familiar with the "signals" that indicate that a situation is going out
of control.

It seems to be this is the path to where you construct not very useful
functioning channels.
So it is that I ask you to remember "#popular distro channel name here"
a couple of years ago, it most certainly was not friendly to a new user,
you could not pride yourself on a new user getting a fair hearing.

> As last and most important point, the IRC council.
> It was a close race, but in the end Hobbsee won with one more vote than
> LjL. However, I want to welcome them *both* as members of the IRC
> council. The reason for a sudden extra member is that I'm going to step
> down from the council when it's all working as it should. I will remain
> active as operator, but cloaks, freenode contact business and
> guidelines/appeals process will be the responsibility of the remaining
> council members.
I wish you both the best of luck in this role.
(remember luck is really 95% preparation and 5% chance)
> For the next Community Council meeting, I'll ask the council to
> recognize our stucture officially so we can move forward with group
> contact forms and me stepping down.

This I can understand, and hope Dennis's codebase gets much larger. ;-)

I for one I can say thanks to Dennis, it has been good working with you
in the past, and hope we get a chance to work on some stuff in the future.


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