UbiquitySlideshow specification Wiki page shock and horror

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 17:29:36 BST 2009

> This was an accepted specification for 9.10, so lets get started on
> implementing it :).
> I toyed around with the current presentation layer last night (and
> WebKit a bit).
> Are there any objections to getting rid of the filename display (I
> imagine that's only there for debugging anyway), and changing the
> buttons to a next, pause, and play image?  Is anyone keen on
> implementing these changes?  Also, does anyone want to take on making
> the slide automatically change after a set period of time?
> The front page of The Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/)
> gives a good example of what I personally would like to see.
> Additional comments/suggestions welcome.

The buttons and filename are currently just displayed when
Slideshow.html is opened with #controls appended, otherwise (by default)
there are none. Also, run normally, there is currently a 30 second
interval between slides. (Feedback on that time would be great, by the
way! I was thinking more like 40-50 seconds at first, but found 30
worked well for me personally. I've been meaning to test it on other
people to find the best one).

I agree having forward and back buttons is good, but I don't know about
Pause. Someone may want it if they are a slow reader, but then why not
just press Back if the slide changes? Having a pause button means people
must keep track of the state, which is fine for stuff like videos but
rather ugly for a still slideshow where there is no obvious sign that
it's progressing.

Back and forward, though... the reasoning for those ones keeps piling
up :)

I just committed a little test program written in Python, which displays
the slideshow the normal way (with Webkit), along with a fake progress
bar on the bottom.

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