my first post: kickstart installation and partitioning

Farcy jacques-olivier.farcy at
Mon Jun 22 09:19:55 BST 2009

Hi to everyone,

I work in a university in France, an actually i plan to realise 
automatic installation of ubuntu 9.04.

I am using a kickstart file and scripts to do it, but i don't have the 
result i was expecting during the partitioning process.
I have been looking at the forums since a few weeks, without success.

I use the %pre section to calculate the size of the disk and the ram 
(this part works fine).

For example on a computer of 40 Go and 512Mb of RAM, i make a file 
like this :

    clearpart --all --initlabel
    part swap --size 512 --asprimary
    part / --size grow --maxsize 16384 --fstype ext3 --asprimary
    part /home --size grow --fstype ext3

In the kickstart file,i write this at the partitioning section :

    bootloader --location=mbr
    zerombr yes
    %include partition_table.cfg

But the installation process don't use the partition_table.cfg and in 
the log, partman is using autopartitioning with the all disk.

I hope someone on this list could help me to achieve auto-installing.

And sorry for my bad english writing ...

Thanks in advance,


PS : I can send my complete kickstart file if needed

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