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Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 03:44:03 BST 2009

> I'd like to use the following format:
> /usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow/${LANG}/index.html
> where ${LANG} can be en, es, pt_BR, ru, zh_TW, ...
You forgot tlh :P
> or /usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow/index.html#${LANG}
> Either way, I want to be sure we support both the case of a
> translation not being available at all and it falling back to C, and
> the case of some of the strings not being translated and it getting
> those somehow from C.
> If you can make that change, the changes that Matthew has suggested,
> and sort out a way to reduce the duplicate data, I'd be willing to
> sponsor an upload to universe, then write a Main Inclusion Request for
> it.
> I've written an Main Inclusion Request for pywebkitgtk and have merged
> my changes to support ubiquity-slideshow into ubiquity trunk.
> Thanks!

What is the duplicate data you mention, Evan? Would that be the
multiple .pot files, or the fact that the stand-in "Screenshot of
application" and "Icon for application" is repeated three times in each
one? (Or both, I guess, since they're somewhat connected?)

Thanks for pointing out that unimportant images should not have alt
text, Matthew. A wise point that I forgot! TTS tools will be relieved.

For tidiness' sake, I guess it is possible to handle localization via
the slideshow itself thanks to Javascript. I'm staring anxiously at
JQuery, which I recently learned to love, but I guess this is doable
without. (I don't think I could justify having scriptaculous /and/
jquery). The script will need to change the base of every link in the
document to point to the requested locale's version, except where the
locale's directory doesn't define a new file. Could get ugly, but it
would consume the least memory, take unnecessary work off Ubiquity and
not involve a cobweb of symlinks.

Matthew, thank you for the mockup. I am happy to pop together a simpler
version of things if it is necessary. (The content as is can always
exist in another branch, maybe to be tweaked for future use). I see the
benefit with your sketch is that localization becomes dead easy, we
still get a small dose of colour, and there's headroom for expressive
writing. Localization is probably the biggest thing; that would make it
way more manageable. However, I feel that it may be a missed

Some quick pseudo-science says that a screenshot is not tremendously
important for marketing. However, in the realm of demonstration, a
screenshot provides a more tactile, inviting, hands-on kind of example.
Even a small one, perhaps.
I was hoping to harness screenshots to show people around the system (as
in a tour[1]), rather than tell them about it (as in a post card).
[1]Though not a tour, of course. Something more passive that can be
joined at any point.

I created a mockup of another approach on what exists now that could be
handy. This one takes the screenshots, shrinks them to 60px height and
uses them to mark bullet points. This way they are directly attached to
their relevant text. It makes lots of sense for some slides, less for
others. A bit of diversity can't hurt. Here's a screenshot with the
current layout on bottom and the one I just described on top:
I also broke my own "no drop shadows" rule because I was dieing to play
with CSS3's box-shadow stuff :P

If you definitely are sure about the visual simplicity (which could be
nearly standard for a reason), that's fine by me. I'll be playing with
it tomorrow! Some things may call for special icon artwork, so it will
be good to get that sorted quickly.

Dylan M

(PS: It hit me that the post card analogy is curiously close to the form
factor we seem to have, so maybe it wasn't the best for comparison but
something to ponder more directly. Not in the tacky way).
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