UbiquitySlideshow specification Wiki page shock and horror

Evan Dandrea evand at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 16 14:24:43 BST 2009

On Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 2:51 PM, Dylan McCall<dylanmccall at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the message :)
> "Continuing on that, how do you propose we handle sourcing translated
> html files, when they exist?  It should fall back to the html files
> for the C locale in the event of only some of the pages being
> translated."
> The current (mostly unimplemented and horrible) approach is merging slides (C locale) and slides.$LANG into one temporary directory, then playing from there. Of course, in a live cd that happens to waste memory for no good reason, but it should work.
> I had tinkered with the build script creating a skeleton of symlinks for all the files for localized slides directories, pointing back to the base one.
> In essence: Big hole there for something clever :)

I'd like to use the following format:
where ${LANG} can be en, es, pt_BR, ru, zh_TW, ...

or /usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow/index.html#${LANG}

Either way, I want to be sure we support both the case of a
translation not being available at all and it falling back to C, and
the case of some of the strings not being translated and it getting
those somehow from C.

If you can make that change, the changes that Matthew has suggested,
and sort out a way to reduce the duplicate data, I'd be willing to
sponsor an upload to universe, then write a Main Inclusion Request for

I've written an Main Inclusion Request for pywebkitgtk and have merged
my changes to support ubiquity-slideshow into ubiquity trunk.


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