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Mario Limonciello superm1 at ubuntu.com
Tue Jul 14 14:58:35 BST 2009

Hey Mike:

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 08:29, Michael Terry <michael.terry at canonical.com>wrote:

> Hello, gentle Ubuntu Installer folks!
> I've just pushed a large change to lp:ubiquity that merges oem-config's
> code into the ubiquity code base.  This is a slightly risky change for
> ubiquity and a much more substantial/risky change for oem-config.
> I've tested it, Evan has kicked its tires, and Colin has given it the
> once-over.  But more testing is always good, particularly by those that
> have a vested interest in oem-config.
> So I'd really appreciate wider testing and bug reports about oem-config
> screwing something up.  The package hasn't been uploaded yet, but the
> changes are in bzr.
> The purpose for the change is, obviously, code-sharing.  The manual
> porting of interesting changes from ubiquity to oem-config (and the
> other way) gets old fast and is error-prone and slow.
> This means that the oem-config UI has changed a bit to match Ubiquity's
> UI.  And in the future, will change as Ubiquity's UI does.
> If you are making a change to ubiquity that is either not appropriate
> for oem-config or is only appropriate for oem-config, you can now check
> for the 'UBIQUITY_OEM_USER_CONFIG' variable in the environment (or check
> the frontend's oem_user_config bool var).
> Variables that used to affect oem-config, like OEM_CONFIG_DEBUG, have
> been renamed UBIQUITY_DEBUG, or some such.
> The binary used to call oem-config is the same.  It just runs ubiquity
> code behind the scenes.

Spectacular news! In it's current state, will it only run on karmic?  I'd
like to try to help test, but i've found running updated apps (newer than in
the livefs) on unionfs-fuse to be a bit unstable at times.  With Tim's post
indicating the intention to switch to aufs2 again, that reaffirms my
Until aufs2 based ISOs are available I'll glance through the code and see if
I can at least try to run the oem-config binary packages to see their

Thanks again!

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