OEM-config merged with Ubiquity

Michael Terry michael.terry at canonical.com
Tue Jul 14 14:29:23 BST 2009

Hello, gentle Ubuntu Installer folks!

I've just pushed a large change to lp:ubiquity that merges oem-config's
code into the ubiquity code base.  This is a slightly risky change for
ubiquity and a much more substantial/risky change for oem-config.

I've tested it, Evan has kicked its tires, and Colin has given it the
once-over.  But more testing is always good, particularly by those that
have a vested interest in oem-config.

So I'd really appreciate wider testing and bug reports about oem-config
screwing something up.  The package hasn't been uploaded yet, but the
changes are in bzr.

The purpose for the change is, obviously, code-sharing.  The manual
porting of interesting changes from ubiquity to oem-config (and the
other way) gets old fast and is error-prone and slow.

This means that the oem-config UI has changed a bit to match Ubiquity's
UI.  And in the future, will change as Ubiquity's UI does.

If you are making a change to ubiquity that is either not appropriate
for oem-config or is only appropriate for oem-config, you can now check
for the 'UBIQUITY_OEM_USER_CONFIG' variable in the environment (or check
the frontend's oem_user_config bool var).

Variables that used to affect oem-config, like OEM_CONFIG_DEBUG, have
been renamed UBIQUITY_DEBUG, or some such.

The binary used to call oem-config is the same.  It just runs ubiquity
code behind the scenes.

mterry • Canonical
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