boot direct from an iso

Scott D. Davilla davilla at
Tue May 13 21:48:10 BST 2008

>The feature was "removed" in hardy in order to simplify options, and
>because a few users were confused by the read only environment.
>I used quotes since that only ivolves a change of boot parameters. If
>you install wubi normally, before rebooting look at the last option in

So sorry, wubi is a Windows based application. I don't do Windows by default.

So now I have to dredge about to find more special boot options. This 
really is irritating that default options that are documented in man 
page of the apt-get source version of casper have been removed 
without any indication. This is a silent fork of casper. Talk about 
let's make it really hard to do any non-standard install.

I'm doing the bootloader for the AppleTV, I use kexec to launch the 
target kernel/initrd/iniramfs/kernel params. None of the traditional 
bootloader (grub, syslinux, isolinux, lilo, elilo, rEFIt) can boot 
Linux on an AppleTV.

The AppleTV does not have a PC BIOS and cannot run Windows. Users of 
my bootloader want to install direct from an iso as it saves from 
having to purchase an USB CD/DVD drive. How does wubi or it's 
derivatives help me install Ubuntu/Mythbuntu/Kbuntu direct from an 

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