[ubuntu-in] Rolling distributions and rolling away from Ubuntu

Easwar Hariharan meindian523 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 12:08:37 BST 2010


> But surely I am a Rolling Release guy who is using Ubuntu till he is more
> comfortable with Linux in general. I am also a frugal guy who believes an OS
> should not use up a huge amount of HD space. So something that fits in 4-5
> GB max is what i will install.

Windows XP fits in 5 GB space. Just that it doesn't leave any space
for anything else to be installed after installing the drivers. ;) (my
experiment) If you just want an OS, XP is for you,Vista/7 are
definitely not.If you want a functional system along with the OS in 5
GB of space, yep, Linux is the way to go.

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