[ubuntu-in] Difficulty faced with UBUNTU 9.10

Ashutosh Rishi Ranjan ashutoshrishi92 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 11:23:37 GMT 2010

Ubuntu 9.10 has always been able to configure my Internet connections
automatically. In the previous version I had to play around a bit. Try
keeping the IPv4 settings to 'Automatic (DHCP)' and IPv6 to 'Ignore'
and then try.

For Softwares, *.exe is an executable program for Windows. A software
called WINE (look it up) adds a Windows compatibility layer on Linux
so that you can run some of the Window's programs. But it is always
better and in face very much recommended to use Linux alternatives.
The Ubuntu Software Center in Karmic has a good number of useful
softwares for most purposes. Take for example Acrobat Reader, Ubuntu
already has a pdf reader by default known as 'Document Viewer'. To
edit, just search for 'pdf' in the Ubuntu Software Center and you have
'PDF editor'(pdfEdit). You can also search for a PDF editor for Linux
on Google and once you land up with one, search how to install it or
search if its there in the Ubuntu Software Center.
(I think there is a binary package for Acrobat Reader on the main
site, you will need the terminal for running it, search 'how to run
.bin files on Ubuntu)

There are other ways of installing software on Ubuntu. The three best
ones are by PPA archives, DEB package and the one above (which is
dependent on PPA only).

DEB packaged or 'debian' packages ( *.deb) are basically software
packages which are installed by simply double clicking them on Ubuntu
(like .exe). Ubuntu has a built-in DEB installer.

PPA are the most popular and efficient. A PPA (Personal Package
Archive) is a link source to an archive from where Ubuntu can download
packages (softwares). Its better than DEB because once the software
maker updates its software in his PPA, the one who have from that PPA
will be updated to. DEB has to be freshly installed for updating.

There are many tutorials for using PPA on Ubuntu. Look them up and
learn more about it. Its very useful.

Ubuntu has many softwares for the same function. And the best part,
they are free and open-source.

Ashutosh Rishi
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

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