[ubuntu-in] Difficulty faced with UBUNTU 9.10

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Wed Jan 6 16:12:34 GMT 2010

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On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 8:05 PM, Sushanta Mukherjee
<sushanta_mukherjee at yahoo.com> wrote:
> After installation I am stuck with the first requirement I have. It is the installation of my internet connection. I have tried to set the connection for DSL > > line and have failed everytime. My internet service provider is BSNL. After typing my user i.d. and password I have tried putting both “BSNL” and          > www.bsnl.co.in alternately as the server name but in both cases have failed. The system automatically switches on to “auto etho” and fails to connect to >  the internet. I simply cannot get onto the net
> with UBUNTU.

A Working Solution for BSNLDSL connections
Kindly open a terminal
Applications -- Accessories - Terminal

once there at the prompt which looks like
foo at fooname-computer:~$
type pppoeconf at this prompt and press enter
follow the instructions
your BSNL password based DSL connection will begin working.

This works well and is a quick and easy solution, and next time
onwards the connection will connect automatically every time you

Please read all the instruction carefully and remember them

To know more at the command prompt you can access the man (manual pages)
for this at the terminal prompt -$ man pppoeconf
press enter

> Secondly, I have been unable to install softwares of my choice in UBUNTU. No “*.exe) file is allowed to be installed (e.g. Acrobat reader 9.0 or Quickplayer).

exe files do not work in Linux (except under Wine) there is a
different way of getting apps - go to System - > Administration ->
Synaptic - and search for your software here.

Alternatively Go to Applications -> Add Remove Applications - this is
a nice way to know what all you can get

* you need internet connection to be working to use all these software tools*

> Please let me know if there is anything I am missing out on, so that I may use this system which is one of the finest software platforms in use today I believe.

If you are a first time user i recommend getting hold of Ultimate
Edition 2.5) or Linux Mint. These are comprehensive versions of Ubuntu
in which most things work without needing additional installs.


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