[ubuntu-in] Difficulty faced with UBUNTU 9.10

Amit Singh amitprogrammer at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 09:55:39 GMT 2010

Hi Sushanta Mukherjee,

Welcome to the world of Ubuntu.

You can configure your ADSL modem to connect automatically to BSNL and auto
eth0 with connect to your Modem

Please configure WAN/Internet configuration as

VPI/VCI         type
0/32              Bridge
8/35              Bridge
0/35              PPPoE
8/81              Bridge
0/100            Bridge
0/33              Bridge

The Connection username and password will be added to PPPoE account.

The *.exe files are not executables for Linux. Please use Ubuntu software
center for your software requirements. You can install Wine HQ to run .exe
files on Ubuntu.

Hope this helps.

Amit Singh
CoddleSoft Technologies ( coddlesoft.com)
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