[ubuntu-in] Query: uses of /home being on a different partition

Ashutosh Rishi Ranjan ashutoshrishi92 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 18:10:53 GMT 2009

> However now, you may not re-install due to this, instead try to find out
> what is taking up so much space.

Oh no, I am not reinstalling because of that. At least not just because of
that. The main reason is that I have a 40 GB partition which had windows XP
before and now is not needed. So I wanted to utilize that. Plus, I am not
going to loose any important data reinstalling (except some applications).
So its all good. The few files I have, are going to Ubuntu One. Kudo for
Ubuntu One!

Another query,
I read about this, but not sure: Is swap space necessary for RAM of 2 GB?

Ashutosh Rishi
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
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