[ubuntu-in] How to setup BSNL DSL broadband on Ubuntu

Manish manishsinha.tech at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 15:02:14 BST 2008

Parthan SR wrote:
> Ramnarayan.K wrote:
>> Hi
>> Just got access to braodband - and *need* to know how to set this up 
>> on Ubuntu.
>> Its got a user name and password and i can't figure out how to setup a 
>> new internet connection
>> also when i ping <> it does not give 
>> back a reply
>> its working on wincedows - since bsnl knows only how to set that up ??
>> would appreciate your urgent help
>> thanks
>> ram
> Much simpler solution - Ask BSNL to set the Modem up to connect by 
> itself and run DHCP on the modem. Thus all you need is to allow your 
> modem to connect and then turn your computer ON; then there is no worry 
> of configuring and your Ubuntu will dynamically get an IP. Configuring 
> the modem to connect automatically has nothing do with what OS you have 
> in your computer, as least from what I know of BSNL.
Well Parthan,

The BSNL modem which we get runs in bridged mode, I dont know what 
bridged mode actually is, but one needs to dial-up to connect to the 
internet. I tried doing many nasty things in the router admin panel, but 
nothing worked.
The router is set the assign the IP through DHCP itself, one never needs 
to assign it, just only after we connect through username and password, 
one can use the net. Till that time, only people can be connected 
through LAN provided by the router.


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