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Lut4rp lut4rp at techjugaad.com
Wed Oct 17 07:19:29 BST 2007

> I tend to side with the wiki based site for certain reasons - simple,
> easy to edit and manage. But there are some features I will like to
> see in our side which am not sure how a wiki based solution might work
> efficiently. Example is adding events and news to the wiki.

This is as easy as pie to do in Drupal. I repeat, its very scalable.

For those who are trying to compare with other sites on Drupal, etc
> etc, IMHO we want our site to have more content in an easy accessible
> manner. For this, the current wiki system serves good, but we need
> some better organizing and presentation of resources. We do not need a
> flashy site with forms and what not. Lets keep things simple, easy to
> manage and easy for users to find what they want.

Drupal isnt about flashy forms or stuff. It isnt a framework written on
Flash! Its very very neat and professional. And its way easier to use than a
wiki, and it serves the purpose as well. I gave examples in my previous mail
as to how many varied types of websites use Drupal. It has the power, its up
to us how to tap it.


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