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Vivek Khurana hiddenharmony at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 07:15:57 BST 2007

On 10/17/07, Parth <parth.technofreak at gmail.com> wrote:

> For those who are trying to compare with other sites on Drupal, etc
> etc, IMHO we want our site to have more content in an easy accessible
> manner. For this, the current wiki system serves good, but we need
> some better organizing and presentation of resources. We do not need a
> flashy site with forms and what not. Lets keep things simple, easy to
> manage and easy for users to find what they want.

 But what i cant understand is why you guys thing that managing a CMS
based site will be difficult ? Most active community websites i have
seen use drupal or some other non-wiki solution and it help in
presenting the stuff properly.
 Let me take an example of www.ubuntu.com, what you guys think of
ubuntu.com ? is it flashy? is it difficult to navigate ? And please go
and ask ubuntu.com admins how difficult it is to manage the site ?

Btw ubuntu.com runs on drupal !!

 I want to bring to focus the misnomer that CMS based sites are
complex or difficult to manage. A badly configured wiki is equally
difficult to manage. May be you guys have used mis-configured CMS
sites till now and have ormed a wrong impression about CMS based
 My experience is a CMS based site is far easier to maintain in longer
run than a wiki based site, unless you have lot of admins available
who are watching wiki regularly.
 Biggest advantage of using CMS is that a CMS provides you more
control over media than a wiki. Manging files,images, audio, video
etc. is far more easier on a CMS than it is on a wiki. That is why I
prefer a CMS for community driven websites. Wiki is useful when
content has more text than media, example wikipedia.


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