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Parth parth.technofreak at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 05:01:46 BST 2007

My Two Cents,

I tend to side with the wiki based site for certain reasons - simple,
easy to edit and manage. But there are some features I will like to
see in our side which am not sure how a wiki based solution might work
efficiently. Example is adding events and news to the wiki.

I accept this will work when the activity in the wiki is pretty good
and people aren't lazy enough to post things. And I think this is why
a few have been asking for CMS.

I wholly agree with Soumyadip on the contribution for the wiki. We
have been crying for it for almost a year now and we have not seen
much response other than Roshan putting up stuffs now and then. Am
afraid few of us who have been writing things have become more
involved with our job that we are not able to write as we used to.
This is the time and opportunity for the new entrants of the Ubuntu-In
community to pitch in and contribute. I see requests piling up in the
mailing list and this discussing stretching for days, but what we need
is people to contribute.

You are most welcomed to start a wiki page for the topic you think and
add content. Post the link to the list, we will have a look and
edit/suggest improvements. IIRC only pages which do not require
frequent alterations have been locked (and that too after spamming
happened). So nobody is stopping you from opening up new pages and
writing things.

For those who are trying to compare with other sites on Drupal, etc
etc, IMHO we want our site to have more content in an easy accessible
manner. For this, the current wiki system serves good, but we need
some better organizing and presentation of resources. We do not need a
flashy site with forms and what not. Lets keep things simple, easy to
manage and easy for users to find what they want.

Parthan "Technofreak"

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