[ubuntu-in] ubuntu India website redesign

Lut4rp lut4rp at techjugaad.com
Wed Oct 17 03:11:49 BST 2007

> Is drupal.org not a community site? Is spreadfirefox.com not a community site ? There are
> plethora of examples where community websites are running on a CMS
> based solution.

Thats not all, the MTV UK website, the NASA Jobs website and Lifestyle
TV website are also on Drupal. Drupal is an excellent framework for
building highly scalable websites (read: personal to massive). If Mir
Nazim is on the list, Mir, I remember you once suggested re-design
using Drupal?

>  One major reason for this is horrible navigation on the website. It
> was during discussion with Pratul that we realized the depth of
> content on the site and non-navigatability of the site. You are lucky
> if users stayed for minute and half. I normally would leave in half a
> minute.
>  Bad navigation was more of an impetus than look and feel, for me to
> propose this redesign.

Yeah, this was the MAJOR point of the discussion. All major wiki's I
have seen have nice navigation. One of my all time favorites: The
OSx86 project wiki (wiki.osx86project.org)
One visit, and you have all the info you require in one-look on the
index page itself.

IMHO we do require an overhaul, but since I have been personally
attached to Drupal for quite some time, I suggested it. And yes, there
is no point denying that starting up a Drupal site is a little
time-consuming, but then its same for every solution.

If required I can setup a demo Drupal installation on my server, where
we might try out a new-look Ubuntu India. What do you say?


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