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Tue Oct 16 20:48:08 BST 2007

On 10/17/07, Soumyadip Modak <soumyadip.modak at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Regarding Pratul's suggestion of using Drupal, the problem (IMHO) of
> using CMS solutions like Drupal and Joomla is that it leads to a lot
> of administrative hassles. Suppose I create a page. Someone wants to
> make some modifications that I do not like. Can/Should that person be
> restricted? What sort of control do we exercise over content, and what
> sort of priviledges we give to a creator, a contributor, a member who
> has registered, etc. If we think carefully, Drupal (or any CMS) is
> (again IMHO) not the correct solution for a community site, where you
> encourage people to sign-up and contribute. CMS software are mainly
> for company or organisation websites, where you give out information
> about yourself/your company/your organisation, but you do not expect
> the community to be the primary contributors. Ubuntu-in lives due to
> the community contribution, which necessarily points to a wiki based

 Well you are deadly mistaken here. Lack of understanding about CMS as
well as community site, is visible in your reply. Is drupal.org not a
community site? Is spreadfirefox.com not a community site ? There are
plethora of examples where community websites are running on a CMS
based solution. The idea, of only Corporates needing a CMS is nothing
but b***s***t.
 As for editing right, dear there is a thing called editing rights.
You can allow any user to create content but only allow one or two (or
a group) to publish articles on the web. This is a tried and tested
setup and it works.

> solution. In fact some of the categorisation in the
> http://www.ubuntu-in.org/wiki/Web2007 page is frankly amusing. FAQ is
> supposedly a static page, pray why? Is it something set in stone? Why
> should newbie users and developers sections be static? Shouldn't we be
> encouraging them to contribute back? How different will they be from
> Documentation and Tutorials that they merit a non-wiki infrastructure?
> Is the Team set in stone? Don't we have new people being added there?
> If I remeber correctly, when we started, all the sections had only two
> names. Only Gora was the third IRC ops and Barkha the third mailing
> list admin.

 Well if you feel some segment is not static please feel free to make
changes in the wiki . What is stopping you ? Instead of writing a long
email please feel free to make changes.
 Btw I did not mention any page as static. I mentioned "non-wiki" and
by no means non-wiki means static. It simply means not every tom, dick
harry could edit the page. By no means sections under non-wiki are
non-modifyable. They are less volatile i.e the content is not going to
change so often and new content addition (or editing of old content)
will require some kind of approval.

> Vivek Khurana wrote
> >Why not start writing a collaborative book on the ubuntu India
> >website ? Any takers ?
> Shouldn't our primary goal be to contribute more content to the
> Ubuntu-in site rather than write a book about the site itself? There

 Hola, who said we are writing a book about site ? We are writing a
book on one or other aspect of ubuntu. Book is a form of documentation
with possibility of having paper prints in future. Careful reading of
email is recommended before giving a stock answer.

> is hardly any effort to create meaningful content on the wiki itself,
> why do we have to waste our energy pursuing other goals? Going through
> the statistics from Google Analytics, I find that of the 11000+ page
> hits we have on ubuntu-in.org every month, more than 30% goes to the
> page I created on SATA RAID way back when Dapper was released (around
> 4000). The sad fact, the bounce rate is 82%, which means that
> percentage of people visit just one page and leave, within about a
> minute and a half.

 One major reason for this is horrible navigation on the website. It
was during discussion with Pratul that we realized the depth of
content on the site and non-navigatability of the site. You are lucky
if users stayed for minute and half. I normally would leave in half a
 Bad navigation was more of an impetus than look and feel, for me to
propose this redesign.

> Nan budh, you are talking about Newbie sections, go ahead, the wiki is
> there, create a section, contribute content. Can I consider you as the
> contact point for the creation and development of the Newbie section,
> please? Can't someone contribute articles on setting up a home server,
> a firewall box, a media center, etc. with Ubuntu? Even articles that
> deal with common system administration work that people need to do
> regularly?

 Simple answer engage more people as contributors than as email readers.

> Why don't we see articles on properly enabling Indian language
> desktops (there are issues with input methods, especially SCIM, which
> is Ubuntu's default, and OpenOffice.org)? Why don't we see articles on
> programming? Articles that talk of setting up the perfect Python
> development box, with IDEs, nifty libraries, etc., using as much
> software from the Ubuntu repositories as possible? The perfect Java
> Web (and even Desktop) Development workbench? PHP? Ruby? A page on "10
> cool things you can do with Bash, sed and awk"? Making your Ubuntu
> desktop look like MacOSX or Windows (yes, there are people who would
> read that)? How about a page on the games available in Ubuntu, howto
> organise a lanparty using Ubuntu and OpenArena? Creating Free maps for
> OpenArena/Nexuiz/Tremulous? There, I hope I have thrown up enough
> ideas for people to chew on and start working upon. Crack your
> knuckles guys and gals.

 Why dont you write all this or find people who can write all this ?
It is always easy to point mistakes for others and always difficult to
take responsibility for your own actions.

> For Events, can we use this plug-in:
> http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Calendar_(Barrylb) ? Maybe
> there would be problems with the MediaWiki version, which I admit we
> website/server admins have been too lazy to upgrade. G0SUB, your
> inputs on this?
> Sorry for ranting, but I feel there is way too much talk and not
> enough work. Maybe that's symptomatic, seeing the experience of the

 Well you really gave us a good example of too much talk and too less
of work :-p . There is hardly anything useful in your email. A pure
example of rant. :-)

> Those who I have mentioned by name, please do not take this
> personally. Vivek and Pratul, you have been exceptional in making the
> forum see the light of the day. Nan budh, thanks for being the gadfly
> and pointing out that we have not had focused articles on newbies.
> But, this is an appeal to all of you there, please start stretching
> the current infrastructure to its limits. As the old-timers will
> testify, starting up something is not terribly difficult, but
> sustaining the enthusiasm and nurturing the creation to the point
> where it is self-sustaining, is certainly very difficult indeed.

 Well talking will not give you anything. Start doing things yourself
and engage more people. You will only find contribution to projects
which are constantly changing/upgrading. Dead sites and long rants
will not get you anything. ;-)


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