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On Friday 15 September 2006 01:35 PM, Ashfaq Shaikh cobbled together
some glyphs to say:

Hello Ashfaq,
> Yes I am Ashfaq Shaikh looking for an entry into the Linux world, and
> I am hopefully confident, of your over all support to me to become a
> full fledged user and promotor of this software.

It's nice to have you aboard! Welcome :)

>  To be frank I dont know AB,C of what kind of operating system this
> is, as I have been using windows for last 6 years and I am no Techie
> also.

That's fine, Ashfaq. We all used be newbies in the field at one point of
time. You can learn everything with sufficient determination and hard work.

> Very happily I tried to install the CD on my system after running the
> live cd I did not go any further and clicked the icon of install, LO!
> somehow after going through the five stages i got stucked as the PC
> Hanged, and I could not move any further!
> My PC configuration is,  windows XP2  presently loaded on my system.
> The processor is AMD K 750 with 256mb RAM, and a hard disk of 20 GB in
> four partitions.
>  I need to know what could be causing it, is my system configuration
> not competable?

Well, it is compatible, but at the moment, the graphical installer
doesn't work well on machines with less than 384 MB RAM. Ubuntu will of
course work fine on your machine, there are people who are running
Ubuntu fine on machines with 64 MB of RAM. You just need to use the text
based installer for the installation process. The text based installer
is there in the `Alternate CD'. Unfortunately you can't order the
alternate CD from ShipIt yet. You can either download it yourself or ask
somebody to get one for you. If you can't get that CD from anywhere
else, I will mail it to you.

>  Now, I have read, someone advising the knoppix version to the new
> bee's why is it so? will you explain me please? Will not ubutu work
> for me, if thier is any change I had to make to the pc I will do it on
> your recomendation, no problem but I want to use it and check the
> operating system myself!

No, Knoppix is not well suited for desktop systems. Ubuntu will work
just fine on your system without any changes.

>  One very important thing, I am using bluetooth for internet access
> through airtel gprs, and I would like to continue that, will I be able
> to do that through ubuntu or knoppix, if yes please guide me for the
> right distro! Also with proper guidance of where to get the distro
> from,  I am willing to pay for it, no matter.

GPRS + Bluetooth will work fine with Ubuntu. You can read this guide

>  I hope you all will guide me, and see to it that you get a genuine
> user who could become a contributer like you to the community.

Well, of course. We will be more than happy to guide you. You can also
join us on IRC in the channel #ubuntu-in at irc.freenode.net.


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