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Ashfaq Shaikh ashfaq.s76 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 09:05:09 BST 2006

Ashfaq S. Shaikh
 22,Captain desai Colony,
 409/4, Sadar Bazaar,
 Camp. SATARA.
 Cell No: +919960426796
 15th sept, 2006

 Dear Friends,

Yes I am Ashfaq Shaikh looking for an entry into the Linux world, and
I am hopefully confident, of your over all support to me to become a
full fledged user and promotor of this software.

I am 40 plus, Mechanical Engineer by profession, staying presently in
a very low profile small city called Satara. Presently holidaying till
the the work resumes in my field. Linux was very much up my mind, but
never dared to enter as the techies always told me it is very
compicated, no support and you will not understand like stuff!  well I
made up my mind now to go for it!

last month I checked on the net and found the ubutu site, requested a
cd which they promtly delivered too, that really surprised me, as all
the time I was looking for a linux distro and I was just not able to
get it in this part.

 To be frank I dont know AB,C of what kind of operating system this
is, as I have been using windows for last 6 years and I am no Techie

Very happily I tried to install the CD on my system after running the
live cd I did not go any further and clicked the icon of install, LO!
somehow after going through the five stages i got stucked as the PC
Hanged, and I could not move any further!

My PC configuration is,  windows XP2  presently loaded on my system.
The processor is AMD K 750 with 256mb RAM, and a hard disk of 20 GB in
four partitions.

 I need to know what could be causing it, is my system configuration
not competable?

 Now, I have read, someone advising the knoppix version to the new
bee's why is it so? will you explain me please? Will not ubutu work
for me, if thier is any change I had to make to the pc I will do it on
your recomendation, no problem but I want to use it and check the
operating system myself!

 One very important thing, I am using bluetooth for internet access
through airtel gprs, and I would like to continue that, will I be able
to do that through ubuntu or knoppix, if yes please guide me for the
right distro! Also with proper guidance of where to get the distro
from,  I am willing to pay for it, no matter.
 I hope you all will guide me, and see to it that you get a genuine
user who could become a contributer like you to the community.

 Thanking you,
 Ashfaq Shaikh.

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