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This looks fine. Any further amendments are subject to how the theory goes
in practice. :-)

On 3/18/06, Baishampayan Ghose <b.ghose at ubuntu.com> wrote:
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> Hello Ubunteros!
> Now that the Ubuntu Indian Local Community Team has been formed and we
> have all the required infrastructure in place, it's now important to
> define a social structure of the team which will help us in continuing
> our work and will also act as a set of guidelines which we all will
> adhere to. The main idea is to adopt the social structure of Ubuntu in
> general and modify it slightly to suit our specific needs.
> Now why do we need a social structure?
> Well, like all Free Software projects, Ubuntu-IN is also managed by
> volunteers who are spread across the world. The social structure will
> help in resolving issues which might crop up owing to gaps in
> communication or human error.
> Who will follow the social structure?
> We all. Every human being involved with Ubuntu-IN will need to follow
> the social structure.
> Who will write the social structure?
> Us! The social structure will be open for peer review and we will form
> it together after taking everybody's opinion into account.
> A few of us have created a draft structure which is located in --
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianTeam/Structure
> I would request you all to comment on the draft here in the mailing list
> and not edit it directly. We'll put up a final version of the structure
> when we reach a consensus.
> Regards,
> BG
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