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Baishampayan Ghose b.ghose at ubuntu.com
Sat Mar 18 18:03:52 GMT 2006

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Hello Ubunteros!
Now that the Ubuntu Indian Local Community Team has been formed and we
have all the required infrastructure in place, it's now important to
define a social structure of the team which will help us in continuing
our work and will also act as a set of guidelines which we all will
adhere to. The main idea is to adopt the social structure of Ubuntu in
general and modify it slightly to suit our specific needs.

Now why do we need a social structure?
Well, like all Free Software projects, Ubuntu-IN is also managed by
volunteers who are spread across the world. The social structure will
help in resolving issues which might crop up owing to gaps in
communication or human error.

Who will follow the social structure?
We all. Every human being involved with Ubuntu-IN will need to follow
the social structure.

Who will write the social structure?
Us! The social structure will be open for peer review and we will form
it together after taking everybody's opinion into account.

A few of us have created a draft structure which is located in --

I would request you all to comment on the draft here in the mailing list
and not edit it directly. We'll put up a final version of the structure
when we reach a consensus.

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