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Id be happy to help out as well. 

On Tue, 2010-06-01 at 15:12 +0100, barry Smyth wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to introduce myself to the community and give you some
> background to a research study I'll be conducting.
> My name is Barry Smyth and I'm a Masters student in DIT Kevin st
> studying knowledge management.
> During a case studies seminar on open source software which included a
> piece by Laura i got an idea for my dissertation. I was fascinated by
> the genuine enthusiasm of people within the open source community.
> From a knowledge management perspective this can help give an insight
> into what motivates people to share knowledge.
> My dissertation is on the motivational drivers and barriers of
> volunteers in the open source community and a comparison of these
> results with those done of professional virtual communities.
> I'll be looking for help from people within the Ubuntu community to
> firstly understand all the methods that knowledge is communicated. 
> I'll also require help in identifying the motivational drivers and
> barriers within your community and then comprising interview questions
> and surveys.
> My time frame is to have have the surveys completed and sent out in
> mid July.
> Laura has already been of a great help and i can't thank her enough.
> I'll be in touch again shortly after i get to know the Ubuntu world a
> bit better about help from the community in investigating those
> motivational drivers.
> Anyone who is interested in seeing my full proposal drop me a mail and
> I'll send it on to you.
> Kind Regards
> Barry Smyth

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