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I'd like to introduce myself to the community and give you some background
to a research study I'll be conducting.
My name is Barry Smyth and I'm a Masters student in DIT Kevin st studying
knowledge management.

During a case studies seminar on open source software which included a piece
by Laura i got an idea for my dissertation. I was fascinated by the genuine
enthusiasm of people within the open source community. From a knowledge
management perspective this can help give an insight into what motivates
people to share knowledge.

My dissertation is on the motivational drivers and barriers of volunteers in
the open source community and a comparison of these results with those done
of professional virtual communities.

I'll be looking for help from people within the Ubuntu community to firstly
understand all the methods that knowledge is communicated.
I'll also require help in identifying the motivational drivers and barriers
within your community and then comprising interview questions and surveys.

My time frame is to have have the surveys completed and sent out in mid
Laura has already been of a great help and i can't thank her enough. I'll be
in touch again shortly after i get to know the Ubuntu world a bit better
about help from the community in investigating those motivational drivers.
Anyone who is interested in seeing my full proposal drop me a mail and I'll
send it on to you.

Kind Regards
Barry Smyth
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