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Laura Czajkowski laura at
Mon Aug 9 13:46:39 BST 2010


I've been working with a few groups over the last few months in trying 
to see if it is possible for them to migrate their services over to 
using open source in the work place. Many of them are interested in 
doing so but do have some worries that there is nobody out there to 
support them here in Ireland.

There is the Market place 
<>Which doesn't list that many 
companies/Individuals  here in Ireland, so what I'd like to do is try 
and get a more detailed list so companies can access it.  I've done up a 
wiki page that people can either edit it themselves or drop me a mail 
OFF LINE and I'll add their details to it.  The idea is to create 
a list where people can see if there is someone in their area that may 
be of service to them, providing support in Linux servers/desktop 
maintenance, not just Ubuntu :)


Skype: lauraczajkowski

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