Malware in Ubuntu-Gnome?

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Furthermore, to back the "claims":

I assume you stumbled upon [](, which is a great source for privacy awareness (I use it myself)
you know about [](, which is being run by a (one of the) known technologist(s) [Micah Lee](, who's a board member of the [Freedom of the Press]( along with Edward Snowden
Micah wrote several articles for the [EFF]( of which he was a part of as staff technologist
he also writes for [The Intercept](, the outlet established after the Snowden leaks. One of the core members is [Glenn Greenwald]( - one of the first journalists to interview Snowden in his hotel room in Hong Kong in 2013

Why I'm saying this is when someone like Micah (and he's not the only one) says Ubuntu's derivatives are safe, then they are.

Dr. Stallman is right, but often seems paranoid, so to say.

No one can ever know for sure. The general rule is if you are too much concerned about privacy and security you shouldn't use a computer, as since you're using somebody else's code (OS), you're at the mercy of that particular someone.

[Learn about how to protect yourself on the internet](

[Why it is important to encrypt your communications](
[An easy how-to guide to PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)](

Nothing ruins creativity like too many voices weighing in. We call it the Ice Cream Principle. Tell 10 people to go get ice cream with one condition: they all have to agree on one flavour. That flavour is going to be chocolate or vanilla every time. Groups of people don't agree on what's cool or interesting, they agree on what's easy to agree on.

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I want to ask if desktop search surveillance is included or excluded in
Gnome variant of Ubuntu, and what references endorse answers to this

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