App indicators in Ubuntu Gnome 15.10

Narcis Garcia informatica at
Wed Dec 9 09:31:34 UTC 2015

Since some years ago I don't find a complete solution for tray icons of
diverse desktop applications.

El 09/12/15 a les 03:36, Sanjay Chakravarty ha escrit:
> Dear All,
> I have been using Ubuntu GNOME for several months back, and have been
> very satisfied with the performance and usability. I started with 15.04,
> so I was very excited to upgrade to 15.10. The 15.10 seems faster on my
> Dell laptop than 15.04, and everything is generally fine.
> I have a little problem with the app indicators. I had installed
> libappindicator1 in 15.04, and it took all my icons from the system tray
> to the top bar. With 15.10, libappindicator1 seems unsupported. Instead,
> I have to work with a hidden panel in the bottom left, which comes out
> when I click on the arrow at its head. It is just too many clicks. Also
> psensor does not seem properly supported. I do not get the quick glance
> dropdown on clicking psensor icon, and have to get data from the graph.
> Is there any way I can get the icons to the top bar? I tried TopIcons
> GNOME extension, but all the icons do not come to the top, as the icon
> to icon distance is too high. So any other alternatives?

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