get rid of GNOME 3.8 zoom effect after login (13.04 + 3.8 PPA)

João Santana joaosantana at
Thu May 9 14:24:48 UTC 2013

Em Qui, 2013-05-09 às 15:34 +0200, Moe Blue escreveu:
> Hi,
> I use ubuntu gnome 13.04 with the 3.8 PPA.
> After login there is a new zoom effect/transition to desktop.
> The transition is stupid as it goes from first, grey (gdm) to second,
> showing partly the bluish gnome stripes wallaper while overlaying it
> with my own wallaper then, third, to the zoom effect showing grey at
> the background while my own wallaper is zooming to fullscreen.
> This effect is crap. I have a SSD and my login into gnome 3.6 used to
> be very fast. Now it is much slower and seem to be stuck for a second
> at the stage where the stripes and my own wallaper is displayed at the
> same time, half transparent each (why the hell?). Login is crippeled
> with this effect. I want to see only my own wallaper after login, no
> zoom effect, no other stripe wallpapers. How do I get rid of this
> effect?
> Best
> -- 
> Moe Blue

Same here, this zoom effect is weird. Don't know how to disable it,

João Santana

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