get rid of GNOME 3.8 zoom effect after login (13.04 + 3.8 PPA)

Moe Blue moejoeblue at
Thu May 9 13:34:13 UTC 2013


I use ubuntu gnome 13.04 with the 3.8 PPA.

After login there is a new zoom effect/transition to desktop.

The transition is stupid as it goes from first, grey (gdm) to second,
showing partly the bluish gnome stripes wallaper while overlaying it with
my own wallaper then, third, to the zoom effect showing grey at the
background while my own wallaper is zooming to fullscreen.

This effect is crap. I have a SSD and my login into gnome 3.6 used to be
very fast. Now it is much slower and seem to be stuck for a second at the
stage where the stripes and my own wallaper is displayed at the same time,
half transparent each (why the hell?). Login is crippeled with this effect.
I want to see only my own wallaper after login, no zoom effect, no other
stripe wallpapers. How do I get rid of this effect?


Moe Blue
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